Analysis objectsΒΆ

An Analysis object is the sole argument to the app function in your module. Its attributes include every strand that can be possibly added to a Twine, although only the strands specified in your file will not be None. The attributes are:

  • input_values

  • input_manifest

  • configuration_values

  • configuration_manifest

  • output_values

  • output_manifest

  • credentials

  • children

  • monitors

Additionally, all input and configuration attributes are hashed using a BLAKE3 hash so the inputs and configuration that produced a given output in your app can always be verified. These hashes exist on the following attributes:

  • input_values_hash

  • input_manifest_hash

  • configuration_values_hash

  • configuration_manifest_hash

If an input or configuration attribute is None, so will its hash attribute be. For Manifests, some metadata about the Datafiles and Datasets within them, and about the Manifest itself, is included when calculating the hash:

  • For a Datafile, the content of its on-disk file is hashed, along with the following metadata:

    • name

    • cluster

    • sequence

    • timestamp

    • tags

  • For a Dataset, the hashes of its Datafiles are included, along with its tags.

  • For a Manifest, the hashes of its Datasets are included, along with its keys.