Version History

See our releases on GitHub.

Semantic versioning

We use semantic versioning so you can see when new releases make breaking changes or just add new features or bug fixes. Breaking changes are highlighted in our pull request descriptions and release notes.


Note that octue is still in beta, so its major version number remains at 0 (i.e. 0.y.z). This means that, for now, both breaking changes and new features are denoted by an increase in the minor version number (y in x.y.z). When we come out of beta, breaking changes will be denoted by an increase in the major version number (x in x.y.z).

Deprecated code

When code is deprecated, it will still work but a deprecation warning will be issued with a suggestion on how to update it. After an adjustment period, deprecations will be removed from the codebase according to the code removal schedule. This constitutes a breaking change.